I'm Cher Kaufmann, aka the Curious, Curly Creative of Cher the Fire. I am an artist, author and surface designer. I use a multi-disciplinary approach to art, nature, and philosophies connecting you to all of those!

My goal is to bridge the places where you are pulled by your inner heart to see, feel, love, support and create a world of beauty. 
Afterall, you know and appreciate what it takes for art to be born (from ideas, materials, processes and manufacture) to finding their home - maybe your home, or as a gift to a loved one?
And if we're really lucky, you'll get much more along the way.

Influences and whispers of the desert southwest, botanical patterns and the symbolic significance of life interweaving the connections between nature and people are what you'll find throughout the collections.

My extensive studies in the patterns of the Five Elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal), as well as other elemental studies (such as Ayurveda, Chinese Face Reading and body language), shape my expressions, education and interpretations of how to best bring these elements to your home and into your life. And of course, my own elemental expression as The Curious, Curly Creative is simply one of the ways to extend a hand and light your own creative fire.

My works range from limited edition high end collectables, empowering journals, kitchen and home decor, art prints and original linocut/relief prints, to soft and comfortable t-shirts.

To read more about my journey in art and design, click here!

I am here to inspire, explore possibilities, and invite you to share (Cher) the fire with me and those you love.

With love,